Platelet-rich plasma to speed and promote healing

In certain specific cases, we will offer our patients a procedure called platelet-rich plasma  (PRP) to speed and promote heaing.

PRP is a healing formula made from your own blood. That formula has been extensively publicized in recent years for its ability to heal sprained joints and sore tendons and to promote healing in oral surgery.

PRP has received endorsements from professional athletes like Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal, among others. Other athletes have credited PRP with helping them return to competition more quickly.

What exactly is platelet-rich plasma? Well, our blood is mainly a liquid known as plasma. That plasma also contains certain biological components such as red cells, white cells, and platelets. All of these components play critical roles throughout your body.

Platelets, however, play a particularly important role when healing injuries. We best know platelets for their ability to clot blood  like when we receive a cut. But platelets are also rich with hundreds of different proteins called growth factors which play a critical role in injury healing.

By preparing your surgery site with platelet-rich plasma, we may be able to kickstart your body's natural healing processes.

Platelet-rich plasma has 5 to 10 times higher concentrations of platelets compared to ordinary plasma. To make platelet-rich plasma, Dr. Strahs first draws a small amount of blood from the patient. Then, it is placed in a centrifuge in our office where the platelets are concentrated in the plasma by separating them from your blood's other biological components.

The resulting platelet-rich plasma then is used either to facilitate bone grafting or implant placement or to augment bone grafts for cyst and tumor repair by carefully placing it on the oral surgery site.

Since it is derived from your own cells, there is no risk of disease transmission. All the equipment that comes in contact with blood is sterile and disposed of after a single use.

Healing time often is reduced and pain or discomfort is minimized by the use of PRP.